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Kiev Romance Tours

If you’re a single Western man and want to spice up your love life, then it is time to take a love tour to spice up your life with love and romance. The Kiev Romance Tour would provide you with a great opportunity to visit the historical city of Kiev and at the same time, to meet plenty of gorgeous Ukrainian women. The tour would surely be a life-changing experience for you. You can meet as many Ukrainian women as you want and also explore the old historic city. As you know, travel and romance are a deadly combination.

2021 Ukraine Kiev Romance Tour Schedule

Romance Tour CitiesFromToDaysCost
Open Reservation
$235 of INSTANT Value For You!Choose LaterChoose Later$475
January 28February 610 days/9 nights$3695
April 8April 1710 days/9 nights$3795
April 15April 2410 days/9 nights$3695
April 8April 2417 days/16 nights$5895
July 8July 1710 days/9 nights$3795
July 15July 2410 days/9 nights$3795
July 8July 2417 days/16 nights$5995
September 9September 1810 days/9 nights$3795
September 16September 2510 days/9 nights$3795
September 9September 2517 days/16 nights$5995
November 18November 247 days/6 nights$3295
November 18November 2710 days/9 nights$3695

Kiev Romance Tours are arranged perfectly by Ukraine romance tours. Recently, a bonus city is also added to the Kyiv Romance Tour. You would not be charged extra for the bonus city. The bonus city is located close to the place where you would be staying. The objective of adding a bonus city to the Kiev Romance Tour is to give the tourist the golden opportunity to experience two distinct yet wonderful cities of Ukraine in an affordable price. You would also get the opportunity to meet the beautiful Ukrainian women residing in both the cities.

View on Kiev city

There are many beautiful women who stay in small towns of Ukraine and hardly get the chance to meet Western Men. Therefore, the bonus city is added to the tour so that single men can meet the gorgeous women who stay in less popular cities such as Vinnitsa, Mariupol and Krivoy Rog. Therefore, there is a large possibility that you can come across the true love of your life on the Kiev Romance Tour.

The tour agency would supply several vehicles which would help you to meet the stunning women of Ukraine. Large social gatherings and one-on-one introductions would let you know the Ukrainian women better.

Ukraine Marriage Tours to meet the most beautiful women in Kiev

It is a 12 day tour. It would consist of countless introductions and meetings with Ukrainian women in Kiev and the other bonus city. Kiev is a majestic city with plenty of attractions. The women you would be meeting in Kiev would be glad to show you the most beautiful places in the city. They would love to accompany you to the St. Sophia’s Cathedral, Mariinsky Palace or the Catholic Cathedral of Saint Nicholas.

Date girls in KievYou can meet Ukrainian women in a Kiev Tour through the vehicles that would be provided to you. You can call the staff whenever you need any help. They are always ready to help you out. The hospitality room and the office of the agency are located in the same hotel where you would be staying. Therefore, you would not find any inconvenience.

Kiev is a really charming city full of interesting locations and bewitching women who will impress you. This is one tour that you can never forget in your entire lifetime.

Things that the Kiev Marriage Tour includes:

  • First of all, the thing that you would get on the Kiev Romance Tour is the extravagant Socials. There would be 3 large Socials in Kiev. Thus, you would get two Socials that will allow you to meet plenty of stunning Ukrainian women. You would also get two city tours along with the two Socials. Unlimited introductions, Champagne and refreshments are the basis of the Socials. You would also get a personal interpreter in each Social so that you don’t face any language problem. Socials are definitely the best thing about a romance tour. Once a woman catches your fancy in a Social, you can ask her for a date.
  • Secondly, hotel accommodations would be provided. You would get free breakfast everyday along with other amenities.
  • All transport would be provided to you. Transport from the airport to the hotel and then to the Socials and other locations would be provided.
  • A guided tour of the city would also be provided.
  • Hotel area walking tours are also included in the tour.
  • Good hospitality would be provided that would ensure that you have a great time during your stay.

The Kiev Romance Tour would surely bring in adventure, excitement, newness and romance to your life. Explore the wonderful city of Kiev and spend some time with the beautiful Ukrainian women. You may come across your perfect match on this tour.

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Meet single Ukrainian girls in Kiev

Dating in Ukraine – How to Pick up Girls in Kiev ?

Ukrainian marriage agencyKiev is a modern, cosmopolitan and a vibrant city with all the modern amenities. It is the largest city of Ukraine and its capital too. Kiev is also a popular tourist hotspot because of its archaeological wonders and scenic beauty. Today, it has also made its name in the world of dating as the most beautiful European women are found over here.

Why you should date a girl from Kiev

Meet single Ukrainian women today at Ukraine Brides AgencyA visit to Kiev would leave you awestruck. We bet you would have never imagined that such beauties exist in the world. Yes, you will find the most gorgeous Ukrainian beauties in Kiev. Like the city itself, the Ukrainian women of Kiev are not only beautiful but smart, educated and modern.

As a westerner, you would love to date a Ukrainian girl from Kiev. Unlike her western counterpart, she doesn’t compete with her male friend but consider him as her true companion. A Ukrainian woman would make you feel special as a man and create a genuine bond that may even last a lifetime.

Ukrainian women never date for money, gold or a visa. They genuinely look for partners with whom they can create a loving and fulfilling relationship. They make good companions with whom you would love to share your ideas and dreams. When it comes to enjoying your time with a beautiful girl with a mind of her own, no one can beat a Ukrainian girl.

Dating  women in Kiev – safe and exciting

marry an Ukrainian girlIf you have already heard a lot about Ukrainian women and want to date an Ukrainian girl, Kiev is the ideal place to start. It is a safe and pretty city and a good place to visit if you are traveling to Ukraine for the first time. With plush malls and high-end restaurants, Kiev is just like any other European cosmopolitan city.

Before you approach any Ukrainian woman for dating, it is better to know a little about her. Ukrainian women are modern but prefer to be treated like ladies. So, when you meet a woman for the first time, carry flowers for her. That would please her and earn you a few precious brownie points. Always open the door and pull out the chair for her. As you know, these small gestures go a long way in establishing you as a gentleman and Ukrainian women always like to date genuine gentlemen who would be kind to them.

If you want to create an interesting love life, head to Kiev and find hot and beautiful Ukrainian women for dating.

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We help men around the world meet beautiful Ukrainian women. Meet over 50000 single Ukrainian women. The best of dating sites focusing on Ukraine Brides.

Meet Ukrainian women in the Ukraine during a Romance tours to Kiev.

Places in Kiev to meet beautiful girls

Where can you meet Kiev girls ?

Ukrainian women brides for dating or marriageYou can meet plenty of beautiful Kiev girls in Eastern Europe. Most of these girls are looking for a nice Western guy to get married. Most of the Kiev girls who are between twenty to thirty-five are from small towns or from villages. They are looking for a well-established man for relationship and marriage.

Dating with Kiev girls 

Most of these Kiev girls have traditional values and great ideals. The mother language is Ukrainian. Some girls also learn Russian so that they don’t face any problem living in the cities of Eastern Europe. Morals, ideals and values play a huge role in a long lasting relationship. Therefore, a marriage with a traditional Kiev woman will be rewarding as they know the value of relationships. Kiev girls who have a connection to the countryside and speak fluent Ukrainian are a good choice for marriage. Most of them are religious and go to church. The Kiev girls are very beautiful and friendly. Most of them live in Eastern Ukraine.

Ukraine Dating with Kiev girls 

Where to meet girls in Kiev ?

Kiev Girls, Kyiv Women, Dating Kiev WomenIf you want to meet Kiev girls, you have to fly to Kiev. You need to know that flights to Kiev aren’t easily available. You can take a train from Krakow or Warsaw if you live in Poland. The overnight train journey will be a great experience for you as you will be able to see Ukrainian countryside and a couple of beautiful girls on the way.

Warsaw to Kiev or Krakow to Kiev ?

This is a question that bothers people travelling to Kiev. The best option is to take an overnight train whether you are travelling from Warsaw or Krakow. You can meet a couple of Ukrainian girls on the trip who might give you their contact numbers.

Meeting an Ukrainian girl you met online

Ukrainian Girls Women for MarriagePlenty of guys travel to Kiev to meet someone they have been talking on the internet for a few months. There is no harm in meeting someone you met online, but if you find her weird, then avoid her at all costs. If you find that the girl is not moral or traditional, don’t meet her again. You will surely find the woman of your dreams somewhere else in Kiev.

Clubs and places where you can find single Kiev girls

  1. Candyland: This is one of the best clubs where you can find plenty of hot Kiev girls. The place is called Candyland because you can find treats everywhere. You can find some of them in the dance clubs. However, the hottest and the traditional Kiev girls can be found on the subway.
  2. Local coffee shops: You can also find many Kiev girls in the local coffee shops. Head to a coffee shop and you will soon find the perfect company.
  3. Big dance clubs like Alpha Entertainment: You can also find Kiev girls in the student dance clubs or the big dance clubs such as Alpha Entertainment.
  4. Yoga class: Plenty of Kiev girls attend the yoga classes. Therefore, you can meet some amazing Kiev girls if you pass across a yoga class.

Non-club places to meet Kiev girls

  1. Enroll in a Ukrainian language class. You will surely meet hot and beautiful Ukrainian teachers
  2. Museums
  3. Cave monasteries
  4. Pokrov Church
  5. Gardens and Parks

You can find plenty of beautiful Ukrainian women on the streets of Kiev. However, you must remember that there are two types of Kiev women. There is one type of Kiev women who is extremely eager to meet Western men. You must be cautious with them. The other type of Kiev women is not particularly interested in Western men. It is not too easy to impress a Kiev woman. You need to be really charming and have a magnetic personality for being able to impress a beautiful Kiev woman.


How to meet Kiev women ?

Where to Meet Girls in Kiev?

About Ukraine

Ukraine is the largest country in Europe and situated on its Eastern side, drawing its culture and customs from a blend of Eastern European and Western European history; they are heavily influenced by the Eastern Orthodox Church and traditions from Slavic mythology. Today, Ukraine attracts more than 20 million visitors a year from around the world with Seven Natural Wonders of Ukraine and Seven Wonders of Ukraine being popular destinations as well as modern urban cities, festivals, ecotourism, and medical tourism.



The lovely ladies of Ukraine

Meet the most of the lovely women of Ukraine, are kind hearted, intelligent, loving, warm and sincere. These Kiev women can light up your lives with their amazing smiles and tinkling laughter and are indeed amongst the most beautiful in the World.

But like every coin has a flip side, some Ukrainian women appear to take heartless advantage of the foreigners’ disposable cash in hand. Ukrainian women are proud of their beauty- slim, exotic, feminine and very comfortable in their own skin, they still follow traditional family oriented values. This is attractive to you and she knows it.

Juliya 21, Kiev, Ukraine

21, Kiev, Ukraine

Romancing Kiev Women

Image is important to them, the rest does not matter. So as long as you are well behaved and have the manners of a Prince and are respectful to them, you stand a solid chance. You cannot be all style and no substance. That does not work with the Kievs in general and women in particular. You must be confident and determined but never pushy. Be polite but persevere for sure – living in a Church led community, the Kievs have very soft cores. So she is sure to turn your way if you are genteel, intelligent, smart and manage to make her laugh. Once you take her number, plan to meet soon and be well put together for the occasion. You must not look sloppy beside her and always remember that she may turn up looking like a runway model.

Meet single Ukrainian women today at Ukraine Brides Agency

Meet single Ukrainian women today at Ukraine Brides Agency


If you are buying roses (Which you must anyway), buy in an odd number as even numbers of flowers are considered to be brought to funerals only. Be polite, chivalrous, attentive, charming and respectful. You must treat her like a Princess by your manners and manners alone. They fall for a heady mix of strength of personality and a romantic with rich imagination.

Express your admiration and definitely appreciate her thinking and intelligence if conversation leads there. Please remember, dating Ukrainian women is a long, emotional and evocative journey. So even if you do not kiss on the first date, remember to drop her a message thanking her for her time and appreciating her presence that evening. Attentive and dependable gestures following from this is sure to endear you to her.
Avoid scams and meet at selected place

 As a blogger wrote:
This is a true story!
Many years ago I was in a cyber cafe in Kiev. I sat next to a Ukrainian girl who I noticed had a list of email addresses and names on a piece of paper. This intrigued me so I discreetly peered over her shoulder to see what she was doing. What I saw shocked me.
She was sending emails to men she had either met in Kiev, or on a dating site. Not unusual by itself but it was the content of the messages that were disturbing. Each message proclaimed her sole love for these men and requested they send her money. It was clear this was a 
scam but it was the sheer number of men she was in contact with that was shocking.

Be careful, thus about the love professed. And given the current situation there as mentioned above, avoid investing too much until you are absolutely sure that it is a one of love and romance.

Places to Go!

The best weather to visit Kiev is during Spring and Autumn. To meet girls head to “Khreshchatyk” at Kiev and pop into the mane cafes and bars. Be unafraid to approach a woman. All you need to be polite. At weekends Khreschatyk is closed to traffic and beautiful Ukrainian women stroll arm-in-arm as if modelling for a Vogue.
Besides this of course there is a lot of scope to meet a lovely Kiev woman and visitors are suggested to always be “Memphis” on Vladimir Street. These places are frequented by many student girls open to a chat with foreign men.

Remember, the good girls of Kiev, take it slow, are kind hearted and do not expect extravagant gifts. Indeed they would probably even take you to their parents. If a Kiev woman is instead emailing you for monetary assistance or rushing into a relationship- be very careful- this might be a scam.

Please Note:
Practice safe sex at Kiev as HIV/AIDS is a pretty big problem in Kiev and in other parts of Ukraine!

Meet 500 plus Ukrainian women on our 10 day Kiev Ukraine women tours. Sincere young beautiful Ukraine girls for marriage.

History of Kiev

Kiev information for foreigners

ukraine-kievKiev is one of the largest cities in Europe. The capital of Ukraine, Kiev is situated in the north central part of Ukraine. It is located on the majestic Dnieper River. Kiev is a notable scientific, educational, cultural and industrial centre of Eastern Europe. You can find plenty of higher education institutions, high-tech industries and famous historical landmarks in Kiev. The extensive infrastructure and public transport such as Kiev Metro also makes it a wonderful city.

There is a fascinating history associated with the city of Kiev. It is a very old city of Eastern Europe. It has played a major role in the development of East Slavic Civilization in the Medieval Age and also in the development of the modern Ukrainian nation. People believe that this old city was founded during the late 9th century. There are several legends associated with the origin of Kiev.

Ukraine map

There is a story that a family consisting of Kyiv, Slavic Tribe Leader was the eldest brother. He, along with his younger brothers, Khoryv and Shchek and sister, Lybid founded the city of Kiev. According to this legend, the name of the city Kiev originates from Kyi, its founder. The name “Kiev” implies “belong to Kyi”. According to another legend, Saint Andrew had once passed through the city. He built a cross in a certain place where a church was erected. Also, the image of the great Saint Michael characterized the city since the middle Ages. These are the three legends that are associated with the city of Kiev.

There is very less historical evidence during the period when the old city was founded. Researchers have found that Slavic settlements existed in the area in a very scattered way during the 6th century. In the 8th century, many fortifications were built in a Slavic settlement that was left abandoned for a few decades. Researchers are still clueless whether the fortifications were built by the Khazars or the Slavs. Some people say that the Slavic people residing in the area since 6th century must have built the fortifications whereas some others argue that the city was founded under the rule of the Khazars.

There is a primary source of information about the history of Kiev known as Primary Chronicle. According to it, Slavic Kievans told that although they paid some amount of tribute to the Khazars, they actually lived without any local ruler. This is during the 9th century, when Sambat, a hill fortress was built to defend the large area. During the early 10th century, the city was under the rule of Varangians. Kiev became the nucleus of Rus polity.

During 1000 AD, Kiev had a population of about 45000 people. In 1169, Andrey Bogolyubsky plundered Kiev taking away the Mother of God icon. During 1203, the city was burned ruthlessly after it was captured by Prince Rurik Rostislavich. In 1240, the city was completely destroyed by Batu Khan, who led the Mongol invasion. During the period of Mongol destruction, Kiev was known was the world’s largest city.

From 1667, Kiev became a part of Russia and enjoyed some degree of autonomy. It was like the main Christian Centre of the Russian Empire, which attracted several pilgrims. The commercial importance of the city was marginal till the 19th century.

The Saint Vladimir University was successfully established in 1834. During the 18th and 19th century, the city of Kiev was dominated by several Russian Military and other authorities. At the beginning of the 20th century, Kiev was dominated by people who spoke Russian. The lower classes lived on the outskirts of the city.

During the Industrial Revolution in the 19th century, the city prospered and became an important city of the Russian Empire. The city became the capital of Ukraine in 1934. During the World War 2, the city suffered some amount of damage as it was occupied by Nazi Germany.

kyiv direction

It recovered economically in the years post war. It again regained its title of one of the largest cities in the world. This is the history of one of the oldest cities of the world. Despite several pitfalls and adversities, this city has always stood back on its feet again and again.

National and Public Holidays in Ukraine

Public Holidays in Ukraine

It is pretty obvious that the Ukrainian women and men are very fond of celebrating festivals and holidays. It is traditional that they celebrate various Soviet festivals as well as Western holidays. The various holidays celebrated in the city of Kiev, there are 3 categories namely religious, public and various holidays. All the public holidays are marked red on the calendar so that you can be reminded when to have a good time.

January 1st – New Year’s Day

It is definitely the best holiday of the year. It can be said that over 90% of the Ukrainians have said that it is their favorite holiday of the year and most importantly everybody waits for it. People who want to celebrate this precious holiday can book various night clubs, wineries, festive dinners, and numerous parties that are held only in the famous hotels around the city of Kiev, Ukraine. the new year celebration lasts from the last week of December until the beginning to January and people very generously party until the wee hours of the morning.

January 7th – Orthodox Christmas

According to the Julian calendar, it celebrates Christmas on the 7th of January because it is 13 days behind the actual calendar. Since Christmas wasn’t celebrated by the Soviets until the 20th century, it becomes a very recently added holiday that the citizens very religiously follow. Christmas Eve would be on 6th January, the day when various families gather for a feast. The meal on the 6th January is dedicated to the twelve apostles of Christ. Children go door to door to exchange gifts and good will to relatives and friends.

February 14th – St Valentine’s Day

There have been various American and European holidays celebrated in the Soviet Union that have been adopted over the years. The tradition and the cultures followed on this day are similar to the one in the Western countries.

March 8th – International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is annually held on March 8th to celebrate women’s achievements throughout history and across nations. Women’s Day in the Ukraine is as important, if not more important than Mother’s Day elsewhere in the world.

Send flowers to Ukraine

Send flowers to Kiev

May 1st –  Day of Spring and Labor

Public Holidays in UkraineDuring the Soviet era, May 1st was celebrated as International Workers’ Day with massive Communist Party rallies.

Kiev day

Every Ukrainian city celebrates its day when it was founded. Kiev day will be celebrated on the last week of May. There are performances by various actors and performers. Many people from every city of Ukraine visit Kiev to watch the performances and the celebration. The streets are decorated and every citizen of Kiev would be very delighted during the holidays to have a good time. There is also a celebration of fireworks during the night. After new year’s day, Kiev day is another one of the favorite holidays of the citizens.

August 24th –  Independence Day

Ukraine’s parliament adopted the Act of Declaration of Independence of Ukraine on 24 August 1991. Thus like other countries Ukraine celebrates its Independence Day as a national holiday. Grand military parade is organized.

Visa policy of Ukraine

Visa requirements for foreigners entering Ukraine

A conditional authorization provided by a competent authority of a country to a person who :

  • Is not a citizen of the country
  • Not a resident


  • Entering it’s territory
  • Stay there for a limited duration.

Different countries have different conditions typically attached to their Visas like-

  • Date of validity
  • Number of persons allowed

The Visa policy varies from country to country. It is subject to acquiring permission from the immigration authority of a country and can be revoked at any time. During short visits to some countries, Visa is not required.

passport-visa-ukraineGenerally a stamp endorsed into an applicant’s passport or any other document, precisely travel document. A traveler wishing to enter another country must apply for Visa well in advance, sometimes through mail or through immigration offices in person. Some countries even require their citizens to obtain exit visas for leaving that particular country.
Ukraine is no different, having its own unique visa policy governed by the foreign affairs department of the country. Visitors to Ukraine must obtain their respective visas from the diplomatic missions of the country unless they are from one of the visa exempt countries.


Citizens of the following countries do not require visa for an indefinite stay:

  • Armenia
  • Azerbaijan
  • Belarus
  • Georgia
  • Moldova
  • Uzbekistan

Following the country’s citizens do not require visa to limited stay, period of up to 90 or 180 days:

  • European Union
  • Andorra
  • Argentina
  • Brazil
  • Bosnia
  • Canada
  • Hong Kong
  • Israel
  • Brunei
  • Russia
  • Japan
  • San Marino
  • Serbia
  • South Korea
  • Turkey
  • Macedonia
  • United states
  • Vatican City
  • Panama
  • Paraguay
  • Montenegro
  • Mongolia
  • Monaco
  • Tajikistan
  • Kazakhstan
  • Kyrgyzstan

Citizens of the following countries do not require producing invitational letter to procure visas:

  • Australia
  • Albania
  • Malaysia
  • Mexico
  • New Zealand
  • Singapore
  • Guatemala

Citizens of the following countries require a visa on arrival:

  • Barbados
  • El Salvador
  • Antigua and Barbuda
  • Mauritius
  • Seychelles

Ukrainian bridesAll other countries require visa to enter Ukraine.
Grounds for refusal of visa for Ukraine:

  • Ensuring national security
  • Protection of health, wealth and legal rights of Ukrainian citizens
  • Submission of forged document by the applicant
  • Not having adequate travel insurance
  • Revocation on request of the applicant


Ukraine Currency

The Hryvnia (UAH) is the national currency of Ukraine. It is pronounced as gryvnya, and subdivided into kopiyoks. It has been named after Kyvian Rus, a measure of weight used in the medieval ages. It was introduced in 1917, the year in which Ukrainian national republic was declared independent from the Russian empire. The name of the designer who worked on it was Heorhiy Narbut.


200 Hryvnia

When Hryvnia was first introduced, no coins were issued at first. On September 1996, coins were introduced for the first time, even though they were stuck back in 1992.  Initially coins were produced by value 1-50 kopecks. The sign of the currency Hryvnia is the cursive Ukrainian letter “He”. It symbolizes stability and has double horizontal strokes. It has been encoded in Unicode 4.1 which was released in 2005 and is supported by latest PC systems.

The central bank of Ukraine is The National Bank of Ukraine. It was constructed between 1903 and 1934, in Kiev. The Constitution of Ukraine determines the principles of activity, legal status and organisation of the National Bank of Ukraine. It is a legal entity, but with a separate property and is objected to state legislatures. It has an authorised capital amounting to UAH 10 million. Its main function is to provide stability to the country’s main monetary unit, Hryvnia. It determines the kinds of bank notes to be published, effective steps to be taken for development of the economy with its own distinctive features and unique protection system. It also determines the discount rates and other interest rates. It also withholds the power to initiate legislation. With an efficient Board of Directors who coordinates with other staffs for a smooth and competent running of the central place of the country’s economy.

The following are the official exchange rates Hryvnia against foreign currencies as provided by the National Bank of Ukraine.

For every 100 units of :

  • Australian Dollar- 1784.2125 UAH
  • Belarusian Ruble- 0.0152
  • Azerbaijanian Manat- 2182.7498
  • Canadian dollar- 1840.5766
  • Czech koruna- 92.4248
  • Danish krone- 340.0062
  • Euro- 2534.4739
  • Russian ruble- 37.023
  • SDR- 3199.4351
  • US dollar- 2289.7045
  • Yen- 19.04188
  • Pound sterling- 3495.3440
  • Manat- 654.2013
  • Forint- 82.995
  • Zloty- 612.2361
  • Swedish krona- 275.0677

The above mentioned exchange rates are subject to change depending upon the market fluctuations and economic.

ATM locations in Kiev :

Kiev Taxis

Airport transfers and taxis in Kiev, Ukraine

ukraine-kiev-taxiTaxis or cab services in Kiev are very extensively spread. They allow you a privilege of ordering a taxi right then or book one for a specific time and date. Most of the times, the cab services in Kiev do not use a specific meter to determine the amount payable so it is very crucial that you discuss the prices before you book the taxi, but the most important thing is to ensure the amount payable is reasonable during the night time because drivers will ask for ridiculous amounts. Your average rate for traveling home from a night club would be around 50 Hryvnia.

The rates of various companies would be different depending upon the cab you hire,but mostly they will be same for various distances. Make sure you provide the cab services your proper address and contact number while you’re booking in case the driver gets lost and needs to contact you for the location. Yu may find that some companies have unreasonably high prices during the night, but even if you’re hiring such companies for their cab services, make sure they are safe to travel with even at night. It would be very easy to hire cabs and to recognize them because every company designs their cars in a way that is easily identifiable by other people and usually they are painted in a way that would be recognized easily. You would also find that car with the same company will have the similar logos printed so that customers can easily understand that company’s services.

Airport transfers Kiev Airports

kiev-taxi-girlIf you need to get to the Boryspil airport from the main city of Kiev, you may have to pay around 200 to 3—Hryvnia. Before you make the final booking, be sure to check the prices of your fare with other companies so that you are paying the correct amount. If you have difficulty understanding English, you can speak to the many representatives in a language that you can speak fluently. If you are a tourist, you would definitely get a cab at the Boryspil International airport for your travel with English speaking drivers so that you can explain your destination to them correctly. These taxi services are increasingly gaining popularity among the tourists visiting Kiev. Kiev cab services also provide taxis from any and every destination in the city so now you don’t have to worry about traveling in and out of the city.

Kiev Metro

Kiev Metro – Kiev Subway information

Kiev’s public transport would be incomplete without its metro line. The Kiev Metro was definitely the first rapid transport system developed in the country of Ukraine and the third one built in all over the Soviet Union. Right now, the Kiev Metro consists of three lines stretching for about 67.6 km and for about 50 stations. It can be said that the Kiev Metro has 1.439 passengers on a daily basis. Arsenalna is one of the deep stations of the world and it can be found on the metro line in Kiev city.

Kiev metro

The metro line in Kiev follows a triangle like the Soviet Union, which is the six radii foundation which intersects in the middle. The stations underground are built in such a way that they could also function as bomb shelters. The entire metro line consists of 52 stations and which is 30 more than the formerly built line. Most of the stations in the metro line are surface level, but one would also find that some stations are built underground. They have large vestibules which are interlinked with various subways around the city. The good part about Kiev stations is that they are built by providing provisions for disabled patients as well, so it proves to be very comfortable to travel through. The trains that travel throughout the 67.6 km distance function between 6 am till 12 am in the night.

metro-kievThe Kiev metro has 3 lines, namely the Sviatoshynsko – Brovarska Line, Kurenivsko – Chervonoarmiyska Line and the Syretsko – Pecherska Line. The first line was opened back in the 1960s and happens to be the oldest metro line in Kiev followed by the Kurenivsko – Chervonoarmiyska which was built in 1976 and the last but the most modern line is the Syretsko – Pecherska which was very recently built in 1989. A single tour of the metro line in Kiev costs about 2 Hryvnia ($0.25) regardless of the destinations and the number of stops you make on the way. You can pay for your ride by exchanging money for plastic token cards and you can even purchase ticket cards if you are a regular traveler of the Kiev Metro. The tokens that you purchase for your ride can be purchased by the cashiers at all stations or you could even use token machines which do not need a cashier’s supervision to operate. The cash machines exchange 10 or 2 Hryvnia bills into the required tokens you need. It is important to know that the current tokens which are used are blue in color.

Kiev Metro :

Ukrainian Railways :

Kiev airports information

Kyiv airports information

Kiev is the capital city if Europe and also the commercial and trade capital. When a city is the hub of all trade centers in the country, it is obvious that the airports of the city would be exceptional. Kiev is a city with two major airports which are Zhuliany and the Borispol International Airport.

  • Kiev International Airport (Zhuliany), IATA: IEV
  • Boryspil International Airport, IATA: KBP

Show all hotels within a radius of 12 km from Kiev International Airport (IEV)

boryspil-kiev-airportYou would find out that the Borispol Airport is the largest and a modern airport in the entire country. The exact location of the airport would be around 38 km from the main city of Kiev. The airport was rebuilt in 2000 and since then it has been majorly handling all the international flights of the city operating with over 31 abroad airlines. The airport at Borispol receives about 100 flights each day and even now it has around six thousand clients. At the Borispol airport, you would find the most extravagant of services including duty free shopping spots, currency exchanging portals, drug stores, restaurants and post offices. Among the other spots at Borispol airport, you will find wonderful cafeterias which contain foods from every location of the world and you can easily pamper your taste buds while waiting for your next flight. The registration procedure of the flights at Borispol airport starts about 2 hours 30 minutes before the departing time of the flight. It is crucial that you don’t miss out on the registration procedure because the tickets of the flight would be sold to another person.

aircraft-kiev-airportThe next airport in Kiev is the Zhuliany Airport that is not as far as the Borispol International Airport. The main reason why Zhuliany is located about 11 km from the main city of Kiev is because it operates only with domestic flights in the city. The domestic flights connect Kiev to the major cities of Ukraine like Donetsk, Odessa and Lviv. The fair of the tickets for these domestic flights has also been framed in a way that it would benefit the citizens of Ukraine. Since the flights from Zhuliany operate only within the country, the fares of the flights have been designed in a way that the citizens of the country would have to pay comparatively less as compared to the other foreign visitors. This way the citizens travel expenses becomes much cheaper and they would choose to fly within the country often. It also raises a good world economy standard of the country.

Browse the most popular airlines flying to Kiev (KBP) airport. Visit their flights pages to learn more about the most popular routes these carriers fly.

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Languages of Ukraine

Spoken languages in Ukraine

ukraine-victoryUkraine is famous for its diverse and rich culture. The official state language of Ukraine is Ukrainian. It is an East Slavic language that is basically the native language of almost 65% of the total population of the country. 33% speak Russian as their native language while the rest 2% speak different languages. It is one among the two major languages of the country and was one of the three official languages of Transnistria, an unrecognised state.

A recently organised poll results can give us a more detailed knowledge about the number of languages being used all over Ukraine. Over 1000 random people were interviewed for this survey. Almost 52% stated that their language of communication is mainly Russian, while 41% stated that they use Ukrainian as their mode of communication. 8% stated they use both the languages as a mixture. It is a curious case and quite evident that Ukrainian is more spoken in the rural areas, than the urban ones. A bilingual society of the country gets reflected due to this data, as often a mixture of both the languages can be found.

English is the most popular foreign language in Ukraine. Major restaurants, bars and hotels appointed English speaking staff. Though being so popular it is not spoken much in the country.

Here is a list of languages being spoken in Ukraine. And there are quite a few of them!

  • Ukrainian
  • Polish
  • Eastern Yiddish
  • Romanian
  • Russian
  • Belarusian
  • Bulgarian
  • Hungarian
  • Crimean Tatar
  • Armenian
  • Urum
  • Tatar
  • German
  • Jakati
  • Georgian
  • Czech
  • Erzya
  • Northern Uzbek
  • Kazak
  • Greek
  • Serbian
  • Osetin
  • Bashkort
  • Latvian
  • Tajiki
  • Lezgi
  • Karaim
  • Abkhaz
  • Dargwa
  • Lak
  • North Azerbaijani

shop-in-ukraineThe Constitution of Ukraine passed an Article 10 to make sure the state bears an obligation towards making Ukrainian the most important language of the country. Functioning and comprehensive development of the language throughout Ukraine covering all spheres of social life, while also providing the guarantee that Russian and other minority languages should be protected and allowed free development. Ukrainian can be termed as a mixture of Belarusian and Russian, all of them comprising of a Slavic background. So if you are planning to visit Ukraine we recommend you hire a translator for the first few days as it can be quite confusing.

About Kiev

Kiev for foreigners – visit Kiev

visit-Kiev-UkraineThe bustling capital of Ukraine and one of the largest cities on the continent of Europe is Kiev. It has a population of about 3 million individuals and it happens to be the center of scientific, educational, economic, administrative and culture welfare. It is located on the Shore of Dnepr River and it is definitely a city with invaluable cultural and historical monuments.

Among its treasures, the famous writers, artists and poet have strong hold in the uniqueness of this city and it is considered as one of the greatest places for its architecture. Some of the landmarks include the Ukrainian Baroque Church of St Andrew, the 19th century magnificent cathedral of St Vladimir, Cathedral of St Sophia and its mosaics drawing back till the 11th century and not to forget, the Kievo – Pecherskaya Lavra featuring the many cathedrals and monasteries. These are the few among various attractions of this city.

church-in-ukraineKiev being the oldest city in the continent of Europe happens to be the ‘mother of all places’ by the Ukrainians and Russians. Due to all the historical monuments present in Kiev, it is often referred to as the spirit of all the past historical stories. The other things famous in Kiev are its rich cultural and theatre life. The theatres of Kiev offer various theatrical programs for the young drama aspirants and most of the performances and plays are held in Russia or Ukraine. The Ivan Franko Theatre is one of the centers of musicals, drama and comedy. The Opera house in Kiev is another hub of ballet and it presents a wonderful opera as well. There are also other centers for various exhibitions displaying art galleries and works by famous artists.

Meet Kiev women

Meet Kiev women

Since Kiev is the educational and scientific center of Ukraine, it has many universities and research facilities for aspiring scientists and science majors. There is the Kiev Mogilyanskaya Academy, which was probably the first scientific universities of Eastern Europe. Kiev being the capital city of Ukraine is also the economic and commercial capital of the country. The industries Kiev is famous for being food, manufacturing, machinery, metallurgy, textiles, chemicals and building materials. The developmental capabilities of the city have  been given various business opportunities and the commercially based population of Kiev has proved to be very economical for various business activities. There are also many office centers, trade exhibitions, banks, learning and commercial establishments in Kiev.

[flexiblemap address=”Kyiv city ukraine” region=”ua” width=”100%” height=”400px” zoom=”11″ title=”KIEV CITY” directions=”true”]

Ukraine traditional cuisine

National Ukrainian food – Most popular dishes

Ukrainian cuisine has always been diverse with a rich history. Developed over many centuries, it is considered the best among all Slavic cuisines. Blessed with fertile black soil, also known as “chernozem”, a beneficial climate helps in cultivation of variety of crops. Due to a historical association with Russia it reflects the Russian culture. Ukraine is extremely regional; many variations of the same dish can be discovered depending on where we are located in the country.

Traditional Ukrainian borscht

Traditional Ukrainian borscht

It offers variety of tasty beverages and foods, mostly of the hearty variety. Potatoes, sour cream and dumplings have a heavy emphasis on their cuisine. The seasonal vegetables, fresh and excellent form a big part. The most popular meat is pork, followed by beef and chicken. The national dish is Borsh, traditionally a soup or winter warmer, though a cold and lighter vegetarian version is preferred over the summers. A wide selection of tasty pickled veggies is also a big part of the cuisine. Recently in Kiev along with salads sushi has become very popular. Kiev, being the capital can also be termed as the food capital of the country. There are several restaurants there and if you visit the right place the standard and quality of food is extremely high.

So to make it simple we enlist some traditional Ukrainian dishes for you:

  1. Appetizers
  • Olive salad– delicious potato salad along with lyoner sausage.
  • Beetroot salad– comprises of beetroots, chopped walnuts, prunes with a touch of garlic.
  • Vinihret– vegetable salad made from peas, onions, beans and beetroot.
  • Marinated mushrooms– pickled mushrooms, made with olive oil and vinegar served as an appetizer.
  • Ukrainian Borsch– served with or without meat, it is a delicious and tasty soup made with beetroot, cabbage, onion, garlic, potato and sour cream.
  • Solyanka– a spicy soup made with pickles, mushrooms, dill and sour cream.
  1. Main Course
  • Chicken Kiev- basically a boneless chicken breast rolled and pounded around herbs and cold garlic butter, dipped in bread crumbs to be either baked or fried.
  • Pelmeni- dough made from flour, water and eggs, stuffed with minced meat, cabbage or potato.


  • Golubtsy- combination of rice, grated carrots, minced meat and tomatoes, stuffed in to little cabbage leaf parcels.
  1. Dessert
  • Kievsky tort- layered cake made from self raising wafers, hazelnuts, cocoa and cream
  1. Beverages
  • Kvass- soft drink with low alcoholic content.
  • Uzvar- fruit drink made of boiled fruit.
  • Mead- a traditional alcoholic drink.
  • Kefir- a sour fermented milk or yoghurt drink famous in Kiev.

Apartments in Kiev

10 Best Apartments located in the city center of Kiev

  1. Bessarabsky Kvartal – Bessarabsky Kvartal Apartments are located in Kiev city centre, within a 10-minute walk from Khreshchatyk Street and Bessarabsky Market. It features modern and stylish décor. Free Wi-Fi is provided.
  2. Senator Apartments Maidan – Located only a brief walk from Maidan Nezalezhnosti Station, Senator Apartments Maidan provides guests with a convenient base while visiting Kiev. It is also situated a five-minute walk from Maidan Nezalezhnosti, and offers a shuttle service.
  3. Hotel-Lux Apartments in Kiev Center – Hotel-Lux Apartments in Kiev Center is a self-catering accommodation located in Kiev. Free WiFi access is available. The property is 200 metres from Maidan Nezalezhnosti Metro Station and 200 metres from Khreshchatyk.
  4. Senator Apartments Executive Court – The Senator Apartments Executive Court apartment complex is located in the center of Kiev, not far from Victory Square, Central railway station and Circus, and close to theaters, restaurants and shopping malls.
  5. Flatlux Apartments – Flatlux Apartments located in the City Center Area of Kiev.
  6. CityApartments Kiev – Located just in the heart of Kiev city, 1 minute’s walk from Maidan Nezalezhnosti, these apartments feature free Wi-Fi and a kitchenette.
  7. Premium Rent in Kiev Centre – Located in the centre of Kiev, a short walk to Nezalezhnosti Square, Premium Rent in Kiev Centre offers comfortable self-catering accommodation with free Wi-Fi. Mikhailovskiy Cathedral is 600 metres away.
  8. Partner Guest House Khreschatyk – Just a 2-minute walk from Khreshchatyk Metro Station, this guest house in the heart of Kiev is surrounded by museums, shops and restaurants. Its stylish apartments include free Wi-Fi and panoramic city views.
  9. Khreshatyk Street Apartment – Located in the centre of Kiev, a 3-minute walk from Maidan Nezalezhnosti, Khreshchatyk Street 13 Apartment offers free WiFi. Pecherskiy is a great choice for travellers interested in monuments, nightlife and city trip.
  10. GSM Apartment at Kiev Train Station – Located in Kiev city, just 10 minutes’ walk from Kiev Train Station, GSM Apartment at Kiev Train Station features free Wi-Fi and a fully equipped kitchen. The Saint Volodymyr’s Cathedral and Universitet Metro Station are 600 metres away.

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