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visit-Kiev-UkraineThe bustling capital of Ukraine and one of the largest cities on the continent of Europe is Kiev. It has a population of about 3 million individuals and it happens to be the center of scientific, educational, economic, administrative and culture welfare. It is located on the Shore of Dnepr River and it is definitely a city with invaluable cultural and historical monuments.

Among its treasures, the famous writers, artists and poet have strong hold in the uniqueness of this city and it is considered as one of the greatest places for its architecture. Some of the landmarks include the Ukrainian Baroque Church of St Andrew, the 19th century magnificent cathedral of St Vladimir, Cathedral of St Sophia and its mosaics drawing back till the 11th century and not to forget, the Kievo – Pecherskaya Lavra featuring the many cathedrals and monasteries. These are the few among various attractions of this city.

church-in-ukraineKiev being the oldest city in the continent of Europe happens to be the ‘mother of all places’ by the Ukrainians and Russians. Due to all the historical monuments present in Kiev, it is often referred to as the spirit of all the past historical stories. The other things famous in Kiev are its rich cultural and theatre life. The theatres of Kiev offer various theatrical programs for the young drama aspirants and most of the performances and plays are held in Russia or Ukraine. The Ivan Franko Theatre is one of the centers of musicals, drama and comedy. The Opera house in Kiev is another hub of ballet and it presents a wonderful opera as well. There are also other centers for various exhibitions displaying art galleries and works by famous artists.

Meet Kiev women

Meet Kiev women

Since Kiev is the educational and scientific center of Ukraine, it has many universities and research facilities for aspiring scientists and science majors. There is the Kiev Mogilyanskaya Academy, which was probably the first scientific universities of Eastern Europe. Kiev being the capital city of Ukraine is also the economic and commercial capital of the country. The industries Kiev is famous for being food, manufacturing, machinery, metallurgy, textiles, chemicals and building materials. The developmental capabilities of the city have  been given various business opportunities and the commercially based population of Kiev has proved to be very economical for various business activities. There are also many office centers, trade exhibitions, banks, learning and commercial establishments in Kiev.

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