Ukraine traditional cuisine

National Ukrainian food – Most popular dishes

Ukrainian cuisine has always been diverse with a rich history. Developed over many centuries, it is considered the best among all Slavic cuisines. Blessed with fertile black soil, also known as “chernozem”, a beneficial climate helps in cultivation of variety of crops. Due to a historical association with Russia it reflects the Russian culture. Ukraine is extremely regional; many variations of the same dish can be discovered depending on where we are located in the country.

Traditional Ukrainian borscht

Traditional Ukrainian borscht

It offers variety of tasty beverages and foods, mostly of the hearty variety. Potatoes, sour cream and dumplings have a heavy emphasis on their cuisine. The seasonal vegetables, fresh and excellent form a big part. The most popular meat is pork, followed by beef and chicken. The national dish is Borsh, traditionally a soup or winter warmer, though a cold and lighter vegetarian version is preferred over the summers. A wide selection of tasty pickled veggies is also a big part of the cuisine. Recently in Kiev along with salads sushi has become very popular. Kiev, being the capital can also be termed as the food capital of the country. There are several restaurants there and if you visit the right place the standard and quality of food is extremely high.

So to make it simple we enlist some traditional Ukrainian dishes for you:

  1. Appetizers
  • Olive salad– delicious potato salad along with lyoner sausage.
  • Beetroot salad– comprises of beetroots, chopped walnuts, prunes with a touch of garlic.
  • Vinihret– vegetable salad made from peas, onions, beans and beetroot.
  • Marinated mushrooms– pickled mushrooms, made with olive oil and vinegar served as an appetizer.
  • Ukrainian Borsch– served with or without meat, it is a delicious and tasty soup made with beetroot, cabbage, onion, garlic, potato and sour cream.
  • Solyanka– a spicy soup made with pickles, mushrooms, dill and sour cream.
  1. Main Course
  • Chicken Kiev- basically a boneless chicken breast rolled and pounded around herbs and cold garlic butter, dipped in bread crumbs to be either baked or fried.
  • Pelmeni- dough made from flour, water and eggs, stuffed with minced meat, cabbage or potato.


  • Golubtsy- combination of rice, grated carrots, minced meat and tomatoes, stuffed in to little cabbage leaf parcels.
  1. Dessert
  • Kievsky tort- layered cake made from self raising wafers, hazelnuts, cocoa and cream
  1. Beverages
  • Kvass- soft drink with low alcoholic content.
  • Uzvar- fruit drink made of boiled fruit.
  • Mead- a traditional alcoholic drink.
  • Kefir- a sour fermented milk or yoghurt drink famous in Kiev.

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