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Kiev’s public transport would be incomplete without its metro line. The Kiev Metro was definitely the first rapid transport system developed in the country of Ukraine and the third one built in all over the Soviet Union. Right now, the Kiev Metro consists of three lines stretching for about 67.6 km and for about 50 stations. It can be said that the Kiev Metro has 1.439 passengers on a daily basis. Arsenalna is one of the deep stations of the world and it can be found on the metro line in Kiev city.

Kiev metro

The metro line in Kiev follows a triangle like the Soviet Union, which is the six radii foundation which intersects in the middle. The stations underground are built in such a way that they could also function as bomb shelters. The entire metro line consists of 52 stations and which is 30 more than the formerly built line. Most of the stations in the metro line are surface level, but one would also find that some stations are built underground. They have large vestibules which are interlinked with various subways around the city. The good part about Kiev stations is that they are built by providing provisions for disabled patients as well, so it proves to be very comfortable to travel through. The trains that travel throughout the 67.6 km distance function between 6 am till 12 am in the night.

metro-kievThe Kiev metro has 3 lines, namely the Sviatoshynsko – Brovarska Line, Kurenivsko – Chervonoarmiyska Line and the Syretsko – Pecherska Line. The first line was opened back in the 1960s and happens to be the oldest metro line in Kiev followed by the Kurenivsko – Chervonoarmiyska which was built in 1976 and the last but the most modern line is the Syretsko – Pecherska which was very recently built in 1989. A single tour of the metro line in Kiev costs about 2 Hryvnia ($0.25) regardless of the destinations and the number of stops you make on the way. You can pay for your ride by exchanging money for plastic token cards and you can even purchase ticket cards if you are a regular traveler of the Kiev Metro. The tokens that you purchase for your ride can be purchased by the cashiers at all stations or you could even use token machines which do not need a cashier’s supervision to operate. The cash machines exchange 10 or 2 Hryvnia bills into the required tokens you need. It is important to know that the current tokens which are used are blue in color.

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