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Airport transfers and taxis in Kiev, Ukraine

ukraine-kiev-taxiTaxis or cab services in Kiev are very extensively spread. They allow you a privilege of ordering a taxi right then or book one for a specific time and date. Most of the times, the cab services in Kiev do not use a specific meter to determine the amount payable so it is very crucial that you discuss the prices before you book the taxi, but the most important thing is to ensure the amount payable is reasonable during the night time because drivers will ask for ridiculous amounts. Your average rate for traveling home from a night club would be around 50 Hryvnia.

The rates of various companies would be different depending upon the cab you hire,but mostly they will be same for various distances. Make sure you provide the cab services your proper address and contact number while you’re booking in case the driver gets lost and needs to contact you for the location. Yu may find that some companies have unreasonably high prices during the night, but even if you’re hiring such companies for their cab services, make sure they are safe to travel with even at night. It would be very easy to hire cabs and to recognize them because every company designs their cars in a way that is easily identifiable by other people and usually they are painted in a way that would be recognized easily. You would also find that car with the same company will have the similar logos printed so that customers can easily understand that company’s services.

Airport transfers Kiev Airports

kiev-taxi-girlIf you need to get to the Boryspil airport from the main city of Kiev, you may have to pay around 200 to 3—Hryvnia. Before you make the final booking, be sure to check the prices of your fare with other companies so that you are paying the correct amount. If you have difficulty understanding English, you can speak to the many representatives in a language that you can speak fluently. If you are a tourist, you would definitely get a cab at the Boryspil International airport for your travel with English speaking drivers so that you can explain your destination to them correctly. These taxi services are increasingly gaining popularity among the tourists visiting Kiev. Kiev cab services also provide taxis from any and every destination in the city so now you don’t have to worry about traveling in and out of the city.