Kiev airports information

Kyiv airports information

Kiev is the capital city if Europe and also the commercial and trade capital. When a city is the hub of all trade centers in the country, it is obvious that the airports of the city would be exceptional. Kiev is a city with two major airports which are Zhuliany and the Borispol International Airport.

  • Kiev International Airport (Zhuliany), IATA: IEV
  • Boryspil International Airport, IATA: KBP

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boryspil-kiev-airportYou would find out that the Borispol Airport is the largest and a modern airport in the entire country. The exact location of the airport would be around 38 km from the main city of Kiev. The airport was rebuilt in 2000 and since then it has been majorly handling all the international flights of the city operating with over 31 abroad airlines. The airport at Borispol receives about 100 flights each day and even now it has around six thousand clients. At the Borispol airport, you would find the most extravagant of services including duty free shopping spots, currency exchanging portals, drug stores, restaurants and post offices. Among the other spots at Borispol airport, you will find wonderful cafeterias which contain foods from every location of the world and you can easily pamper your taste buds while waiting for your next flight. The registration procedure of the flights at Borispol airport starts about 2 hours 30 minutes before the departing time of the flight. It is crucial that you don’t miss out on the registration procedure because the tickets of the flight would be sold to another person.

aircraft-kiev-airportThe next airport in Kiev is the Zhuliany Airport that is not as far as the Borispol International Airport. The main reason why Zhuliany is located about 11 km from the main city of Kiev is because it operates only with domestic flights in the city. The domestic flights connect Kiev to the major cities of Ukraine like Donetsk, Odessa and Lviv. The fair of the tickets for these domestic flights has also been framed in a way that it would benefit the citizens of Ukraine. Since the flights from Zhuliany operate only within the country, the fares of the flights have been designed in a way that the citizens of the country would have to pay comparatively less as compared to the other foreign visitors. This way the citizens travel expenses becomes much cheaper and they would choose to fly within the country often. It also raises a good world economy standard of the country.

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