Ukraine Currency

The Hryvnia (UAH) is the national currency of Ukraine. It is pronounced as gryvnya, and subdivided into kopiyoks. It has been named after Kyvian Rus, a measure of weight used in the medieval ages. It was introduced in 1917, the year in which Ukrainian national republic was declared independent from the Russian empire. The name of the designer who worked on it was Heorhiy Narbut.


200 Hryvnia

When Hryvnia was first introduced, no coins were issued at first. On September 1996, coins were introduced for the first time, even though they were stuck back in 1992.  Initially coins were produced by value 1-50 kopecks. The sign of the currency Hryvnia is the cursive Ukrainian letter “He”. It symbolizes stability and has double horizontal strokes. It has been encoded in Unicode 4.1 which was released in 2005 and is supported by latest PC systems.

The central bank of Ukraine is The National Bank of Ukraine. It was constructed between 1903 and 1934, in Kiev. The Constitution of Ukraine determines the principles of activity, legal status and organisation of the National Bank of Ukraine. It is a legal entity, but with a separate property and is objected to state legislatures. It has an authorised capital amounting to UAH 10 million. Its main function is to provide stability to the country’s main monetary unit, Hryvnia. It determines the kinds of bank notes to be published, effective steps to be taken for development of the economy with its own distinctive features and unique protection system. It also determines the discount rates and other interest rates. It also withholds the power to initiate legislation. With an efficient Board of Directors who coordinates with other staffs for a smooth and competent running of the central place of the country’s economy.

The following are the official exchange rates Hryvnia against foreign currencies as provided by the National Bank of Ukraine.

For every 100 units of :

  • Australian Dollar- 1784.2125 UAH
  • Belarusian Ruble- 0.0152
  • Azerbaijanian Manat- 2182.7498
  • Canadian dollar- 1840.5766
  • Czech koruna- 92.4248
  • Danish krone- 340.0062
  • Euro- 2534.4739
  • Russian ruble- 37.023
  • SDR- 3199.4351
  • US dollar- 2289.7045
  • Yen- 19.04188
  • Pound sterling- 3495.3440
  • Manat- 654.2013
  • Forint- 82.995
  • Zloty- 612.2361
  • Swedish krona- 275.0677

The above mentioned exchange rates are subject to change depending upon the market fluctuations and economic.

ATM locations in Kiev :